I sent an email off to the principal of my children’s school this morning, saying that I didn’t know which teacher to send my mail to, but the school definitely needed one of these (see below). It’s a build-it-yourself Fab@Home 3D printer, that once completed allows you to print a large number of different things. I’m secretly hoping someone might invite me to be part of the project 🙂


I can’t imagine a future world without each and every person owning their own personal fabrication print station. 3D printing will fundamentally change the world on so many levels.

Personal fabrication devices allow people to manufacture custom objects on-demand. Imagine a world in which a meal, a replacement part a customized toy, and nearly any other conceivable object is just a few clicks away. No shipping delays, no reliance on a few producers with locks on distribution channels, no more settling for un-customized products – just click and print. Just as the current digital revolution allows anyone to make, sell, or buy virtual items, the next phase of the digital revolution will allow anyone to make sell, or buy fully functional objects. 

I think that if the school doesn’t bite at this idea, I may have to make this a personal project 🙂