I hate the adverts that play before YouTube clips. I get that there has to be a business model behind the ‘free’ service YouTube offers, and so I’ve learned to accept them as a necessary evil, but I’m like a wound up cat ready to pounce on the ‘Skip’ button when it arrives 5 seconds in 🙂

So it was a strange feeling that rolled through, over and around me this afternoon when I ended up watching a 6:30 min advert in order to watch a 4:10 min funny. Let me walk you through how it went down….

  • It was the fact that it was a Johnny Walker advert that first got my attention
  • ‘Staring Jude Law’ kept me a touch longer
  • I’d now worked out it was 6:30 min, and that had me curious (who’d dare do that?)
  • The title then arrived, ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’
  • And the story kept on pulling me in

Well done Anomaly, New York, you deserve any and all the praise you get. The short film was officially launched on 30 July 2014.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a 6:30 min movie doesn’t take some skill, as Quintessentially Lifestyle points out…

As part of his preparation for his part in the film, Jude Law went through intensive training, including learning to play the piano, picking up a saxophone for the first time in years and going to dance classes. The film sees Mr Law don a wardrobe that harks back to his Talented Mr Ripley days, with yacht-chic outfits and sharp tailoring.