It struck me last year, that one of my key deliverables for Calidascope (both clients and colleagues) is to provide quality disruption and creativity, when called upon.

It was a significant thought because I began to think about what it would mean, on a daily basis, to foster and nurture creativity and disruption in my world, inside of me. I’ve never really spent much time thinking about intentionally fostering and nurturing my own creativity in an expansive way.

I’m in the process of finishing a practical creativity workbook with my friend Ali, and so I’ve put much thought into and explored the link between play and enhancing creativity, and I regularly engage in these types of exercises. But there’s far more to it than just play….

Having just spent 10 days in the US, speaking at the PSDA CEO Summit on ‘The Future of Printing’, which gave me some time to reflect a little longer than I usually do, I realised that a good discipline might be to document my adventure, and the discoveries I have along the way.

For the sake of having something to categorise it under, I have called it The Crayon Project.

I’m not sure of everything I’ll post within this category. I do know there will be video, there will be thoughts I’ve had, there will be images, and there will be practical exercises I’ve done. I hope there will be more diversity of content than that. I hope the discipline of doing this will push and pull me to brand new places and spaces. But whatever is posted is simply a recording of my intentional attempt to foster and nurture my creativity and disruption.

The First Post

So that post number one (this one) isn’t just a description of what I plan to do, I submit this 18 min video from the year 2008, at a TED conference, entitled, Tim Brown: Tales of creativity and play.