If you’ve not ever spent any time with Aiden Choles then you’ve probably never really explored Narrative (or Story as I prefer) as a means to transform your business. Aiden is a founder of the Narrative Lab, and from time to time I get invited to weigh in on some of their projects. They’re always interesting and I always leave amazed at the power of stories in an organisation. In my very humble opinion it’s always the story that makes or breaks any organisation.

With that as a back-drop I noticed that Aiden was co-facilitating an accreditation course with the Cognitive Edge in Cape Town and then Jozi, in the next few weeks. What does that mean? Straight from their website:

If you want to discover practical and pragmatic ways to manage under conditions of uncertainty, understand the power of business narrative and discover new ways to use human networks, then this course will provide you with the introductory theory and associated open source Cognitive Edge methods.

I’m out of touch with what courses cost these days, but it’s over 3 days and if it leaves you with a richer understanding of story, and the skills with which to better engage with story, it’s worth the time and the money.