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Play-Full | Building Creativity and Innovation into the DNA of your Business


Description: In a business environment that’s being disrupted with increasing frequency, it’s critical to out-think, out-perform and out-innovate your competitors. A key component of this is creativity, and it doesn’t magically arrive on it’s own. Creativity training is required to develop and become a competency that can be relied on to be present when needed.

This presentation explores why innovation requires creativity and why creativity requires play (adult play, but play never the less). It leaves the audience with a framework to understand why it’s important to embrace a discipline of personal creative training as a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Duration: 45-60min

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I have always approached creativity in the same way I approach physical fitness. If you want to increase your physical fitness, in order to achieve a particular goal, you need to train. You can’t expect to start and finish the Two Oceans Marathon if you haven’t put in the necessary training in the preceding months.

It’s no different with creativity. Using the same logic, you can’t expect to arrive at a business meeting to creatively solve problems and obstacles you face, if you haven’t put in the necessary creative training in the preceding months. In the world of creativity, PLAY is how you develop your creative muscle. Don’t think play as you remember or know it as a child, and call it creative training if it’s more acceptable.

Innovation requires the participation of people who think creatively, and creativity requires that people regularly train and develop their creativity muscles.

Play-Full is a business presentation designed to help people understand:

  • What is Play (especially for adults)?
  • Why Play is so important to get ahead?
  • What happens when we Play?
  • How Play builds our Creativity?
  • Practical ways for adults to Play everyday?

Presented in his edutaining style, this presentation is for everyone, not just those deemed to be in ‘creative’ positions. Building more creativity into your entire business is critical if you’re hoping to out-think, out-perform and out-innovate your competitors.


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