Asking for feedback from clients about what you do well and not so well is important for any business. It’s a little more difficult to do when you personally are the business you’re asking people to rate. However, if you want to improve as a Conference Keynote Speaker there’s no better way than hearing from your audience, post presentation.

We asked approximately 50 clients Barrie had worked with to take a few minutes out of their day and let us know what they thought about Barrie as a Business Keynote Speaker? The questionnaire was answered anonymously. We do know that 60% of the people we asked responded. That’s not a bad response at all. Thank you to those who took the time to respond. See the results below.

Questionnaire Comments

Some of the responses didn’t fit into the ‘pictures’ below, so we captured them here:

“Barrie is able to communicate brilliantly to audiences of all ages”

“Barrie’s content is something that people don’t think of. Having a general awareness of the generation gaps that exist can hugely benefit individuals and management.”

“Barrie contextualised his message to meet the needs of a school presentation.”

“Barrie’s information is always up-to-date and his references to popular writers/commentators are easy to locate so you can always learn more, if you use those.”

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Conference Comments

It’s not just client feedback that’s important. What you really want is feedback from the audience as well. Barrie has worked in multiple industries in many countries in the world, and delegates rate him as a Top 10 Conference Speaker, always remembering that any conference keynote speaker is only ever as good as their last gig,

I just spent several days at a conference with Barrie. He caused me to re-think my business, how I run it, and who I want to do business with. He also showed me a way not only to embrace change, but to run head-on into it. I am no longer content with simply adjusting to disruption, I want to cause a little of it.

Karl Heerdegen
President & CEO
The Northstar Group, Inc. / Northstar Gameday


A wonderful topical presentation with relevant learnings to latch on to. Highly recommended.

Dave Behrens
Group HR Executive
Crossroads Distribution


Thoroughly enjoyed the session-I think he’s a really cool dude.

So relevant-he spoke to young and old and he knows his stuff.

I enjoyed his cool way in which he presented his material –very contemporary-so sobering.

He touched on every possible topic from technology to people to customer service…in such a fun way.

I left feeling so inspired and motivated to lift my own horizon.

– Members of the ABI Pretoria West Leadership Council


Barrie Bramley is a great speaker.  Not only is the information an eye-opener, but Barrie presents with great enthusiasm and a sense of humour that holds everyone in the audience enthralled.

– Kim Thackwray, Cornucopia


Barrie, thanks very much for the excellent sessions yesterday. All was very well received and useful.

– Leon Greyling, Advantage Asset Managers


I’d like to thank you sincerely for a great presentation at our Convention. You certainly contributed enormously to the huge success of our best Convention ever!!  Many thanks, I really appreciate it!!

– Ray Whitmore, Build It


Thanks a million for the motivation we received on Thursday and Friday [Generations and Enneagram], I loved learning about The Millennium Generation the most. My daughter is turning 14 and there is so much we do not understand about each other. thanks…. Our office is going to be in hysterics trying to figure out everyone.

– Jacki Botha, RE/MAX


“Please convey our thanx to Barrie for his excellent presentation! Our Management team were very impressed with his presentation. I am sure that we will make use of your company again in the future.”

– Marietjie Coetzee, Spoornet


I was blown away by your GENERATIONS presentation at Lever Pond’s feedback session last Thursday. I tried explaining it to others later but could not really do justice.

– Daniel Maine, Unilever


Very good, informative, exciting presentation. Will help leaders manage, retain talent, solve problems etc.

Very good for the first day after a long flight, not too heavy. Fun with some interesting insights. Very good use of different media in presentation.

Excellent – made to review both relationships within the company and do markets and consumers.

Illuminating presentation on generations and interesting insights into generation gaps.

Excellent facilitation/presentation style and use of multimedia. Highly relevant material.

An extremely enjoyable and relevant presentation. Certainly I will consider the “Generation Gap” and modify my actions/ behaviour in situations where generation gaps overlap.

Excellent information provided by the presenters. The information can no doubt be applied in business strategy and in confronting daily issues.

Very relevant to our dilemma of proper management of people.

– Comments from Anglo American Executive Study Block, held at Gordon Institute of Business Science:


“My colleagues and I believe it is an excellent innovation which will address a vital missing element in Limited Overs Cricket… Its introduction will definitely add a rich new dimension to the whole experience and understanding of the one-day game… as yet another proud SA innovation for international cricket.”

– Ali Bacher, the Executive Director of the Cricket World Cup 2003 organising committee, about Barrie’s Dot Ball cricket concept:

Company Conferences Barrie has spoken at

The image below is a representation of some of the companies Barrie has worked with:

top 10 conference speaker worked with many companies