build your business through great review responses

Build Your Business Through Great Review Responses


Reviews are one of the key determiners as to whether someone will buy your product, eat at your restaurant, stay in your Hotel, or whatever it is that you’re selling. They represent far more than past experiences, they play a powerful role influencing the future, and when used properly, can help you build your business.

What you’ll get from this Workshop:

  • Understand how powerful reviews influence purchasing decisions
  • Learn how to write great review responses that speak to the reviewer, and influence future buyers
  • Strategically use reviews to play a critical role in running your business today and into the future

Duration: Half Day

Cost: R5 000 in person and R1 000 online

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Studies suggest that 70% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. A startlingly large number that illustrates how important reviews have become.

They can’t be deleted (without good reason, effort and time), so whether you like them or not, they live alongside your business, informing and influencing current and future clients and customers.

It doesn’t have to be a Horror Story

By realigning your view and approach to reviews, they can become an incredible tool in your arsenal to set the agenda, determine the narrative and grow your business.

This workshop will help you do all of that.

Workshop Breakdown:

  • How important are reviews
  • How to take advantage of reviews
  • How to write responses that speak to the reviewer as well as current and future clients and customers


  • Reviews, social proof and credibility
  • Using reviews to improve customer experience and loyalty
  • Using your customers to market on your behalf
  • How to write reviews that work
  • Attracting more reviews
  • Reviews and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Using reviews to influence your business positively

What you’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of the importance of reviews
  • A closer alignment of your business to your clients and customers
  • Responses that build a positive narrative and a successful business

Duration: Half Day

Cost: R5 000 in person and R1 000 online (Zoom, Teams, Meet)

Bookings: Click here to book Barrie for this workshop

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