Barrie has been a Business Keynote Speaker for 20 or so years. For 12 of those years it was a full time pursuit, where he spoke 90-110 times a year all over South Africa and around the world. Whilst speaking at conferences was a full time pursuit back then, he always had a few clients with whom he consulted in the area of Organisational Development.

Today his primary business interest is Calidascope, a Communications and Strategy Agency that focusses on disrupting their client’s market space. Ask Barrie if that has impacted his speaking, and he’ll will tell you that the best speakers for conferences are those who speak out of their experience and exposure to the challenges a business is facing. The danger always with professional speakers is that you end up with an accomplished ‘talking head’ who doesn’t deliver the value you hoped for.

This was a tough lesson Barrie learned when he started out many years ago. An older and more experienced top speaker sat him down and told him that he’d only be properly valuable to a conference audience when he could speak out of his own experience. That was well over 20 years ago. That was then, and this is now.

Barrie specialises in presenting disruptive thoughts on change, creativity and trends and generational theory in a business context.

The goal of most conferences includes the need for participants to return to their business and make changes towards future success. In order to change behaviour, people must have a fresh paradigm from which to think. You can count on Barrie to present a fresh set of thoughts to your people, for them to think differently about how they go about their business.

Whilst Barrie mostly speaks to issues like, Disruption, Change, and Innovation, he previously spent 17 years consulting to businesses around younger generations entering the work place and the conflict that a different value system and word view created.