There's a particular buzz this time of the year, Wherever you may find yourself. Relief that it's almost over, And with 2020, that's never been more true.

Surrounded by revellers, celebrating their important, Wearing faces with smiles. Laughing and chatting to whomever might hear. Music bright and cheerful, almost loud enough to be heard. I sat waiting. For time. To gently pass on by.

My mind wandered. As it sometimes does. What wonders might be waiting in the unfolding? Every now and again magic visits, A reminder that serendipity is always nearby.

Just then she entered the room. I couldn't see her. Nobody announced her arrival. My watch didn't have any particular face. Unmistakably, I, knew, she, was, here.

My smile grew from somewhere deep inside. Deep inside that place where the best smiles are made. You can't stop them, as they grow, Filling your everything with a warm glow.

She wears a scent that you can't find in a store. She brings an energy that fills a room, a concert hall, a stadium. Around her, music gets meaning,  and time pauses  momentarily, As everything takes her in

Tonight I get to be near her. To wish her Happy Birthday. To clumsily let her know, that while we've only just met, I'd like more time.

A day, a week, a month, a year. I won't waste a single moment. I couldn't. I won't!

Happy Birthday x0x