As a Business Speaker, Barrie is a highly rated a Conference Speaker by delegates. Drawing from his experience in creativity, disruption, future thinking, and change, you can expect sharp insights, a clear framework, and an edutaining experience for the delegates of your conference. Barrie has spoken to a wide variety of audiences, in multiple industries, in many countries on most continents.

He specialises in presenting disruptive thoughts around change, creativity, disruption and generational theory.

The goal of most conferences is for participants to return to their work environments and make practical and positive changes towards future success. In order to change behaviour, people must have a fresh paradigm from which to think (changed behaviour requires changed thinking). As a business speaker, Barrie’s fresh thinking will inspire your people to think differently about how they go about their business.

Choosing a Business Keynote Speaker for your conference can be both risky and hard work. Ideally what you should be looking for is someone with experience who speaks from that experience. Invite Barrie for a cup of coffee to talk about what you’re looking for, and whether he can meet your brief? If he can’t, you can be assured he’ll both let you know, and suggest someone else for you to consider.

The areas Barrie focusses on include:

  • Creativity and Disruption – a practical look at creativity and disruption.
  • Change – a look at trends accelerating change in the world around us, and how best navigate them

Please click here for a list of presentations. If you’re interested in Barrie as your next Conference Keynote Speaker, don’t be shy, make contact.


Below are a few of the companies at who’s conferences Barrie has spoken at:

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