With a title like this I feel like I should have posted this on a Sunday, and not a Monday. But I figured it’s too good to hold off for another  6 days. You have to watch the clip below to see it, because if I told you anyone could get a fairly impressive distance across a lake with nothing more than a pair of Hi Tech shoes, you’d not easily believe me. Right?

When I watched it I was understandingly skeptical. Then you see them do it, and the entertainment value is fantastic. And then the video closes off with a great reminder, in the context of what they’ve achieved, that reminds us how trapped our thinking has us in our current paradigms. Somewhere in the clip, one of the guys says, “You just have to believe you can walk on water if you’re going to do it.” How’s that for a statement?

I wish it wasn’t winter in Johannesburg. I’m itching to get out and smash a belief I’ve had my whole life….. : )