Next month I’m speaking at the Dscoop Conference in Italy. As part of my prep I’ve been researching technology changes that have impacted different industries. Leigh Murphy of Masscash sent this clip to me. It’s a nostalgic clip that’ll make you smile. And as it points out at the end, we possibly have lost some things in the exchange, and we’ve also gained.

I often hear people blaming technology for what we lose as each change rolls in. But it’s not technology that’s at fault. It’s us. We’re the ones that allow the changes. At any given time there are numerous technologies knocking on society’s door to come in and replace how we currently do things. We choose which ones can come in, and which ones can’t. So in the clip below, there are some things we lost, but collectively we decided that what we were gaining was greater than what we were losing. If not we’d have rejected the changes.