There’s an interesting pride that comes from having oodles of followers on a social media platform. While we don’t always like to admit it, we (individuals, groups and businesses) get a large kick out of watching our follower and fan bases grow. In public forums we’ll talk about engagement and conversation, it’s really the numbers that get our engines going.

So imagine a business with 38 000 fans on Facebook, who intentionally set out to get rid of non-fans, by paying those non-fans to go. The result? They lost around 30 000 fans. That’s around a 72% drop in numbers. I’d like to see any Marketing Exec proudly and confidently announce that at an Exco Meeting 🙂

That’s exactly what Burger King in Norway did. They realised that a large number of their fans on Facebook were not there for the love of Burger King, but rather for the love of the free stuff that Burger King gave away (ironically to attract so called fans). So they started up a new Facebook page and offered people a Big Mac to NOT like the new page. And for those who took the deal, they were banned for life from becoming a fan of the new Burger King page.

Bold, gutsy, and placing the focus where it should be….. not on the numbers, but on the engagement of real fans who like/love the brand.

Source – FastCompany