Have you heard of Jet.com yet? If not, you’re going to at some point, even though it’s not open for business yet, is employing people who don’t fully know how it’s going to do business yet, but is one of the most hyped up stories of online retail in the US right now. Says Brad Stone of Bloomberg Businessweek,

 “…one of the biggest, most audacious bets in the history of online retail…”

Started by Marc Lore, who was the founder and former CEO of Quisdi, that owned Diapers.com, before selling to Amazon for $550 million. The big story is being made to be that Lore is coming after Amazon, having worked there for two years after the buy-out. I’m not certain that’s it. The story, as I see it, is the business model he’s planning to launch online. It’s not a new one in the world of retail, it’s a new one at the size and scale he’s planning for online.

For a fuller picture you can read a short article from re/code or the more comprehensive one from Bloomberg Businessweek

This currently unfolding story has left me wondering about people like Lore? There have been plenty of them, and there will be plenty to come. They’re those wonderful people who disrupt the world. They find new ways to do things, because they find new ways to see things. They’re the crazy ones spoken about in the infamous Apple Ad.

As per the headline of this post, are they ‘crazy’ because they’re smart, or ‘crazy’ because they’re prepared to go to places and do things the rest of the world wont? Perhaps it has to be a combination of both? And if so, which is more important?