My business card title reads Curious Disruptor. I have a tattoo on my left forearm to prove it 🙂 For many it’s a little foreign, strange, weird as titles go. To be fair, it doesn’t come from the 2014 approved lexicon of business titles.

However, disruption is a critical component of business today.

In a world where you and your competitors are offering the same products and services, to the same customers, at similar prices, copying each others innovations from time to time, advertising in the same media, using the same techniques, and then swapping staff every now and then….. why should I buy from you?

Disruption. That’s why you need it. You’ve got to find a new angle, a fresh insight, a different way to do what it is you’re doing. If you can’t find a new way to save money, increase sales, attract new customers, keep current customers, etc, you’re, well you know where you’re headed eventually. And if you don’t, then search “Kodak Case Study” on Google. It’s all there to learn from.

Watch the video below. For a number of reasons. For one, it’s beautiful and you’ll have tears in your eyes at some point. It’s an advert for a school that teaches people to speak a different language. English in this case. There are many of these types of schools in the world. They’re a dime a dozen, but I bet you not many of them do what this particular school does? It wasn’t a big disruptive thought that they had, but it would’ve been a big disruptive execution to make it work. It’s a disruption that’s so simple, so easy, so beautiful, and it certainly sets them apart from their peers.

Big hugs to Bletchley Park’s Inspiration Briefing for the heads up on this beautiful video clip