Star Wars is one of my favourite epic series of all time, and forever and ever to come. In fact just 2 weeks ago I won an online auction at Bid or Buy for a Darth Vader Lego Mini-Figure. So when Catri (my colleague at Calidascope) told me she was sending a link that I needed to show my daughters, with images of Darth Vader as a woman, I paid attention.

The link contained 4 different Star Wars characters in female form. The goal of the exercise…

This gender bending experiment draws attention to the fact that this beloved film franchise is dominated by male characters, and lets us reimagine what an all-female cast would look like in the film.

Each woman has a slimmer silhouette and still retains the trademark look of each character—it seems like a female Darth Vader is as menacing as the original.

Nice work. Nice challenging thinking. Reminded me of the conversation on my post “Where are all the women?

Take a look at the full gallery of characters yourself.

darth vader as a woman star wars female
star wars woman female character
female storm trooper star wars woman
x-wing pilot woman star wars female