It’s true, I believe, that you can’t box people. Well you can try, and I think that even if you hold the position that one can’t or shouldn’t, we all do, or at least try to. We do because it helps to make sense of the world when everything and everyone is a neat little box, but with people, once you have, you find that they leak, a lot. They won’t hold their form in the boxes we put them in for very long.

Never-the-less. My colleague at Calidascope, Catri, sent this to me last week. It’s a fun post, ‘22 things creative people do differently than the rest. If you’re creative, you will understand…‘ It’s a fun look at Creative people and how they’re different, mostly, from the rest of the population. And they are. They do see the world differently. And because of that, they engage with it differently. There is much written about them, and I think it’s a wonderful thing that they are different. They’re a very necessary breed of our species. Without them, we’d have accountants and engineers coming up with new ways of doing things, and painting, and writing music, and designing buildings, and shooting films 🙂

My Creative People Faves

Take a look at the full article to see all 22. Here are some of my favourites:

  • They get inspired at the least expected moment
  • They get easily bored
  • They watch the world with the eyes of a child
  • They will follow their heart, even if often their mind thinks otherwise
  • Where most people see a difficulty, they see an opportunity
  • They fall in love with their pieces of work, and hate them the day after
  • They don’t like boundaries
  • They love

Creative child playing