Somewhere in the maze of fear, difficulty, hardship, the known and the unknown there have been some lessons and learnings that have kept me stimulated and very much alive

I know someone who is a teacher. She’s committed to helping the education system along. Her dream is for children to learn authentically in a way that invites out their curiosity, and excites them to explore and discover. Not because they’re chasing a grade, an achievement or an award. Learning for learnings sake. Learning because it makes the world a far better place.

We’re alike in that pursuit.

During this time of COVID-19 we’ve shared articles, and videos and thoughts. We don’t agree on everything. If the challenge we face as a planet was as simple as saving people from the virus versus saving people from the impact on the economy, we’d probably stand on different sides of the debate. Of course none of this is as simple as that. I use that to illustrate that we’re different in thought. Our differences haven’t prevented us from sharing.

Today she asked me what I thought one of the Professors, in one of the videos I had sent, might say 19 days after his video was made? Great question, I replied. Do you think he’s got an update, I wondered?

Great Questions and Wonder. That’s what Education and Learning is all about.

I spent some time reflecting on my formal education. It was never about great questions and wonder. My time at school was spent taking in information in order to repeat is back in a format and order that the education system wanted to hear. My entire formal education journey was a protracted process of illustrating, over and over again, that I understood what it was that ‘they’ wanted me to know.

Post school changed everything for me. Breaking free of having to remember and regurgitate was an incredibly liberating experience. I started to learn about things that interested me. Sometimes I’d be taken on an unimaginable adventure, and other times I’d cut things short from a lack of interest.

Everyday I woke up to new possibilities, fresh thoughts, and the chance to cross paths with an interesting person. If I was really lucky I’d meet someone who would explode my head with fantastic ideas I hadn’t known before. Those rare moments were like winning the lottery for me, and still are (I confess I’ve never won the lottery).

What I’ve Learned about Education and Learning

This is what I’ve learned (and it will all change tomorrow):

Each morning brings with it new data about what we’re facing that we didn’t know before.
Everyone who is open is learning.
There are no right or wrong answers (leading through this period of human history must be excruciatingly painful).
I wish my school career had included more of that.
Imagine how much I’d have learned?