If you’ve made it this far (reading this first line) then please find the 20 minutes needed to watch the two video clips I’ve embedded below. That’s all you have to watch. My comments and thoughts are not nearly as important as what you’ll see and hear in the vid clips.

My friend Mike came over to pick up his daughter (who was hanging out with my daughter). We got chatting about stuff and he asked if I knew anything about Caine’s Arcade? No I hadn’t. We watched, and an afternoon of conversation ensued.

As I said above, the video clips are the main event in this post. All I have is this one thought….. If you invited your mates around, gave them cardboard boxes and suggested you were going to build a ‘Caine’s Arcade’, what would the outcome be? My guess…. they’d think it was a stupid idea, and you’d not end up with anything close to what Caine achieved.

Adults have forgotten how to play, and with that, they’ve lost a large chunk of their creative ability. As you watch the two video clips, I’d suggest that the part of you that connects with Caine and what he’s achieved, is also the part of you that you left behind a long long time ago. About that time ‘they’ started telling you that ‘play’ was only for children.