LinkedIn, you beauty. Full of humans trying to catch a break. Find a job. Make a sale. Be affirmed.

You stand out from the crowd. You’re not X with all its anger and ugliness. You’re not Insta, pushing beautiful bodies and plastic smiles. You’re not TikTok being perpetually silly.

But!! Let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a murkiness to you as well. It’s not you. It’s us. Where we could be authentic, we teeter towards pretense. Where we could be open, we pretend everything is super awesome. Where we could be honest, we blow smoke up eachother’s arses.

If any platform could be the real thing, you’re by far the closest. Oh, if we all just weren’t so needy. Needy for a break, for a job, for a sale and affirmation. Oh I wonder?

I wonder what we all could be if we escaped our neediness? If we were always honest, and open, and authentic? If we just posted how we’re really doing, and what we really thought? If we embraced each other’s humanness? By golly, what might happen then?

Alas. You’re just a platform, and we’re just a bunch of needy humans trying to catch a break.