During March, in a post entitled Are you ready for 3D Printed Aircraft Engines?, I ended the post with this…

I’m not certain we fully appreciate just what an impact 3D printing will have in our world? It’s far more extensive than we currently imagine. The world will be completely reconfigured (re-printed) through this technology during the next few years.

Food is another industry about to be impacted by 3D print. It’s been coming for a while now, but when Hershey’s is printing their Chocolate Kisses, and the Spanish have a printer called a Foodini that can 3D print Hamburgers, it’s no longer a fringe experiment somewhere in a lab.

Watch the video clip embedded below from Bloomberg. It’s worth your time. Let your mind go wild as you imagine the application of getting this one right?

Thanks to @NevilleDunn for passing the video on