Innovation! Everybody!

Unleashing Imagination in your entire Organisation

“Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

– Peter Drucker

This presentation provides strategic perspective around the importance of innovation in today’s business environment, exploring the role of everyone in the innovation process.

For too long we have associated innovation with the creatives, artists and inventors, only. In reality innovation is a process that includes and requires a multitude of perspectives and people to ensure idea generation turns into execution and ultimately  income. While ideas often start on the fringe with the creatives, it is critical to ensure that the ‘scientist’, ‘engineer’, ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘business genius’ are included in the process to ensure success.

After this presentation participants will have a greater perspective on what innovation is, how it has evolved over time, the structure and culture needed, and the various roles required to ensure successful innovation .

Why you should use Barrie to Present Innovation Everybody!

Barrie has been known as the Chief Imagination Officer for the past 10 years. He has been involved in multiple innovation initiatives, including a current project where he has been part of the team working to execute a one-day cricket innovation. This has been tested at an IPL game, an International between South Africa and Australia, and several local matches. Barrie has been exploring and presenting strategic innovation perspectives for the past 10 years.

This presentation is best (and usually) presented in a 60 minute time slot. However, it can be adapted for a workshop that allows for more in-depth exploration into creativity and innovation.

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