I’m often asked by people to send them video clips they’ve seen me use, presentation summaries and refreshers or links to resources I’ve spoken about. This page is an attempt to make it simpler and faster for you to get hold of the things I’m most often asked to send.

If what you’re looking for isn’t listed, and you think I might have a link to it, please contact me.

Presentation Refreshers

I’m currently transferring all my presentations to a new format (Prezi). As that happens more of the refreshers will be available. In the mean time, the following are available to click through online. Please follow the links below. At the bottom of the description page you will see the Prezi Refresher for you to click through.

* Flying Unstable
The New Normal
* The Turbulence of Talent
* The Next Final Frontier
* You’re You, and I’m Me

Profile (includes an intro should you need one)

My Profile

Watch some video footage of Me

* Video extracts from different talks
* From YouTube here are some clips (presented as one video).

Photos of me
If you need photos of me for promotional material you may be creating, you can find a few pics here. Please contact me should need any other pics.

Links to YouTube clips I make use of from time to time
From time to time I’m asked where people can find clips I’ve referred to or used to make a point in a presentation. These are those links:

Lost Generation
JK Wedding Intro Dance
Did you know?
Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson
The Surprising Science of Motivation – Dan Pink
Navigating our Global Future – Ian Goldin
* Tiger Woods – Driving Range (Caught not Taught)
* Puma’s Clever Little Bag